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1150 Clare Ave. Suite #18 West Palm Beach, Fl 33401

 Business Phone: 561-305-3775

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Tony's Bio


Tony was born in Greece where he began a love for pool. He moved to New York City in 1975. Living and growing to be a better pool player became his passion, He had the privilege of being around some of the best players, including  Johnny  Ervolino and Gene Naggy. Tony played at the famous Golden cue in Queens, New York.

    In 1990 his love for pool moved him to Lake Worth, Florida to manage a pool room. He started his collection of pool cues, repairing cues with making custom cues as his dream. In 1996 Tony opened his own room "Playboy Billiards", he continued growing toward making custom pool cues. During the last few years, Tony has acquired some of the finest equipment available to make custom cues. He now designs and makes customized pool cues of exotic woods and "playability" .Tony's desire is for you to have the best custom cue you can, one that fits your style.