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    You don't just buy a custom pool cue, you invest in it. Martz-Custom cues are made to a much higher quality than production cues which means they increase in value over time. In 2012 the basic minimum to have your own custom cue is around $ 350. You get a good maple shaft, a high quality composite joint, a good ferrule with a quality tip. Additional shafts are available from $ 125 to 175.

       Typical cue length is 58 inches from tip to but, weight varies from 18 to 21 ounces. The signature of the artist that created your cue, Tony Martzakis stating made for " Your Name" is included at no charge.

        As you advance into wood inlays, ebony sections, Ivory then your pool cue becomes a beautiful work of art that is comfortable to play with and a pleasure to own. With proper care, your Custom Martz Cue will last a lifetime. Your cue will be made of top quality aged wood, cut on a high quality computer controlled lathe and assembled by Tony Martzakis himself. All cues are hand finished with many coats of the highest quality finish.

      Most of our website is made with photos of a few of our custom cues. Look over the cues you see, note the features you are interested in along with the ID numbers of the cue and give me a call or e-mail me and we can discuss your own personal cue.

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1150 Clare Ave. Suite 18 West Palm Beach. Fl 33401
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